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End of 2022 in video games: Steam creates a tool to view your year in review


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It is customary to see year-end summaries or wrap-ups of different kinds around this time in December. Steam has now released its first-ever year-end summary for users

Dubbed “Steam Replay,” this feature displays the user’s top five played games of the year and offers information on the titles played and how they compare to the average among other users.

The platform stated that the information was gathered from the beginning of January 1 until the end of December 14. Offline or disconnected playtime was not included in the data.

This feature also provides information on the number of achievements unlocked, the number of titles played during the year, and the longest streak of consecutive days spent playing at least one game

Users can also see the percentage of games played that were released in 2022, the percentage released in the past 1-7 years, and the percentage released eight or more years ago.

The feature also includes a timeline that shows, month by month, which games took up the most user time and which ones were played for the first time in the current year.

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