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5 Tips for Winter Travel: How to Get Your Vehicle Unstuck from Snow


Table of Contents

  1. Use a shovel to clear snow from around the tires. Make sure to shovel the snow away from the tires, rather than towards them.
  2. Use sand, kitty litter, or salt to create traction. Sprinkle these materials around the tires to help them get a better grip on the road.
  3. Use a winch or tow strap to pull the vehicle out. If you have a winch or tow strap, attach it to the stuck vehicle and use a second vehicle to pull it out of the snow.
  4. Use a vehicle’s traction control system, if it has one. Many modern vehicles come equipped with traction control systems that can help get the wheels turning again.
  5. Call for help if all else fails. If you can’t get your vehicle unstuck on your own, it’s time to call for help. Call a tow truck or seek assistance from a nearby passerby.

Emergency Supplies to Take with You on Winter Travels

  1. Warm clothing and blankets. Make sure to pack extra layers of clothing, including gloves, hats, and scarves, to keep you warm in case of a breakdown or other emergency.
  2. Water and non-perishable snacks. It’s important to stay hydrated and nourished in case of a prolonged delay or breakdown. Pack water bottles and non-perishable snacks like granola bars or trail mix.
  3. A first-aid kit. A basic first-aid kit should include bandages, gauze, aspirin, and any other necessary medications.
  4. A flashlight and extra batteries. A flashlight can be helpful in case of a breakdown at night or in low visibility conditions. Make sure to pack extra batteries as well.
  5. A tool kit. A basic tool kit should include a jack, lug wrench, and pliers. It’s also a good idea to pack a small bag of salt or sand to help create traction if your vehicle gets stuck.

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